Leaders, says John C. Maxwell, are not made in times of crises, they are revealed. The covid-19 pandemic exposed deep-seated inequalities in our systems, and the vulnerabilities of women, girls, children and people living disabilities in most rural communities. The pandemic brought about devastating economic and social crises in many communities.

However, many funders and organizations are responding in the most effective ways to help people and communities build back and become better.

Currently, as a youth-led organization and with the support from Global Youth Mobilization (GYM), we are providing solutions in response to the challenges occasioned by the global pandemic.

Through the ‘Gen S’ (Generation Skilled) project, we are providing rural girls in Edem-Ani community, Enugu state with education support and micro-business training as an economic pathway to support themselves and their families, thereby strengthening their resilience against crises.

Marginalized communities are naturally encumbered with many challenges and these were exacerbated by the pandemic. But we are rising above this challenge! Working with GYM, we’re implementing solutions to cushion the impacts of the pandemic on vulnerable groups and communities. Studies show that the pandemic had a lot of negative impacts on literacy and economics across this demography, largely because school’s disruption.

With the ‘Gen S’ project, we are currently training our beneficiaries on targeted subjects and vocational skills; to improve their literacy and economic life. We’re working with experienced teachers and entrepreneurs to facilitate classes on cake baking, shoe making, bag making, English, Mathematics etc.

So far with this project, we’ve been able to train about 25 women and girls on the above-mentioned vocational skills! We hope to achieve more in the coming months.

We are committed to impacting rural lives through our projects, interventions and innovative solutions, one community at a time!